Our History

Westside Bible Chapel is an independent, community-based church that has been serving the Coxheath/Sydney River area since 1982. Our emphasis is on God’s Word, the Bible, and its relevancy in our everyday lives; specifically, that a personal relationship is possible with God through Jesus Christ. The chapel’s goals are to help people understand and apply God’s Word, grow in our relationship with God and one another, be obedient to God in not only what we should not do but also in what we should do, and to pray, not only for one another but for the community whom we love.

In the mid 1970's God laid it on the heart of a core of believers to do something for him on the westside of Sydney. It was a humble but powerful beginning as God used this small group of dedicated people to fulfill His vision for an assembly in this place. 

Over time, and through the ups and downs of the decades, God has graciously allowed the assembly to grow and to flourish. Today, the chapel is full of life and vibrancy as people of all ages and ethnicities gather each Sunday to celebrate the breaking of the bread, worship Christ in song, encourage one another, and learn more of the Word of God. 

We are a non-denominational, Bible-believing assembly with a strong heritage in the open Brethren movement. We are evangelical in doctrine and focus.