What to Expect & FAQ

Thinking of Visiting? 
When you walk through the doors of the chapel for Sunday morning Family Bible Hour at 11:00, you will find yourself among a vibrant, friendly crowd. The musicians will be tuning up their instruments, and adults and children alike will be getting settled for worship time. But that doesn't mean that no one will notice that you've come to visit! We'll make sure that you are welcomed and feel welcome. We love visitors and are always happy to share our friendship and our faith with those who stop by. 

You will notice that we have some talented people in our assembly! Each musician has a heart for God and enjoys playing their role in the adoration of our Saviour. And each person in attendance follows the music team in singing the songs of the faith. We sing a mixture of hymns and more modern, praise and worship songs. 

The Bible teaching and preaching at Westside is overseen by our Elders, but a number of other godly men in the assembly step into the preaching and teaching role as well. Each follows the other as we make our way systematically through the Word of God. You will find that our Bible teachers and preachers use plain language and take the time to explain the Scriptures in a way that anyone can understand. This means that even if you're new to Christianity, you won't have any trouble following what is being taught. 

Frequently Asked Questions...
What should I wear? Whatever you normally wear! Some of our congregation is more comfortable in suits and dresses, others are jeans and t-shirt people. Be yourself. 
Is there a collection? No. We do not take up a public collection in our worship service. You will not be asked for money. 
Will I fit in? Yes. Undoubtedly! With so many different people in the assembly, we are confident that you will quickly find people who have things in common with you.