Statement of Faith

About the Bible 
We believe that the Bible is the Word of God.  The Bible was given to us by God to guide and direct us into relationship with Him. We believe the Bible is infallibly true and authoritative in the lives of believers. Here at WBC our beliefs and practices are founded and based on the Bible. 

About Jesus 
We believe that Jesus is God. Fully man, fully God. He existed prior to creation in fellowship with the Godhead. He became man (and so we say God in flesh) when He was born of a virgin, lived a sinless perfect life, ultimately laying down His life to pay for our sins. He rose from the dead three days later and ascended to Heaven. He alone is the Way and through faith in Him He offers eternal life to all. His blood shed at the cross was and is the payment that restores our relationship, that was broken by sin, with God. 

 About Us 
Man is by nature and choice separated from God. We have chosen since Adam to rebel against God’s Holy and Righteous law. By doing so, we have invited God’s wrath and justice into our lives and later in our eternal state. God knowing our fall still in Grace, Mercy, and Love chose to provide a way of salvation and restoration of relationship. The way being the person and work of Jesus Christ. The work is 100% His, as we in our sinful state could never satiate or appease the wrath we have merited. In God’s sovereignty He gave man a choice, to accept or reject Jesus Christ. So, by faith and faith alone in the LORD Jesus Christ is one saved, and not by any works or good deeds. Christians are simply those who follow Jesus’ teachings as they have followed Him in faith for eternal life. 

About the Church 
We believe that the church is composed of people, Christians around the world. God in His wisdom has put together local bodies or groups of believers who assemble locally in “church buildings.” Westside Bible Chapel is one of those local bodies where we unite in worship, teaching, fellowship, communion, and prayer. We believe that Christ is and always has been the head of the church.

Note: These are a sample of our core beliefs at Westside Bible Chapel. For more information or for the Scriptures on which they are founded on, please request a copy of our Statement of Faith and Practices.